Wij zijn initiator en trotse partner van Erfgoed Tilburg

Puk en Muk
Puk en Muk naar de maan, 1968 - Historische Collectie Uitgeverij Zwijsen B.V.


Stadsmuseum Tilburg is one of the museums in the municipality of Tilburg. It focuses on the heritage of Tilburg, Berkel-Enschot, Udenhout and Biezenmortel.

Museum without a building
The museum has no traditional museum building to visit. Our collections are stored in a museum depot. We organize activities at constantly changing places in the city with various heritage partners. A permanent place is the TijdLab (TimeLab) in the LocHal where we work closely with the LocHal Library. There we offer programs of a duration of three to four months, covering a variety of subjects. Parts of the collection are shown there and can be seen for free during opening hours of the LocHal Library.

The collection is divided into the Tilburg City Collection, the photos of Caribbean Heritage, originating from the Brothers CMM of Tilburg and the historical collection of Uitgeverij Zwijsen BV. We also manage the website Geheugen van Tilburg with more than 4400 stories about the municipality of Tilburg. A number of objects can be viewed on various locations in the city.

Stadsmuseum Tilburg is building a continuous learning curriculum for heritage education. For primary and secondary education, we offer various educational lessons, often tailor-made.

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  • Stadsmuseum Tilburg is not a traditional museum with its own building, where expositions can be seen. We organise activities at a variety of locations in the municipality of Tilburg. A fixed location in Tilburg is the TijdLab (Time Lab) in the LocHal Library (close to the central station). There we collaborate with the LocHal Library.

  • Stadsmuseum Tilburg doesn't have a museum building to visit. We do have several locations where our collection can be seen or activities can be visited:

    • TijdLab. Here we work closely together with the Bibliotheek LocHal (the library) to make expositions and organise activities about our heritage. Can be visited during the opening hours of the LocHal library.
    • Vincents Tekenlokaal: In this drawingroom in the Palace creativity and technique come together. Old crafts and the newest developments merge with the goals to develop the talent of drawing by the visitors. Can be visited during workshops and by appointment.
    • We regularly hold Viewing Days in our depot. You can participate after registration. Check the website for the dates.
    • Parts of our collections can further be seen at the town hall and MFA De Poorten.
  • The collection of Stadsmuseum Tilburg is divided into the Stadscollectie (Municipal Collection), photos of Caribbean Heritage from the Brothers of Tilburg and the historical collection of Uitgeverij Zwijsen B.V. We also manage the Geheugen van Tilburg, a website with more than 5,000 stories (in Dutch).

  • The collection is stored in a depot in the Goirkestraat in Tilburg. There are viewing days in the depot a few times a year. These will be announced on the museum's website and socials. It's free to participate but it is obliged to register.

  • Stadsmuseum Tilburg likes to work with heritage parties from Tilburg, Berkel-Enschot, Udenhout and Biezenmortel. Many of our projects arise from collaboration, in which we like to involve various communities in the municipality.

    Stadsmuseum Tilburg is also the initiator of Erfgoed Tilburg, a platform where heritage parties from the municipality meet and exchange knowledge.

  • It is easy to contact us via the contact page on our website.

  • Do you want to show an object from our collection for an exhibition? Please contact the curator Petra Robben. You can find her details on the contact page. Clearly indicate what work is involved, why and for how long.

  • If you have an object that you would like to donate to Stadsmuseum Tilburg, please complete this form on the website. Your question will then reach city curator Petra Robben. A requirement for donations is of course that it concerns the heritage of an aspect of Tilburg, Berkel-Enschot, Udenhout or Biezenmortel.

  • The images of the collection on the site cannot be downloaded. If you want to use an image, for example to publish in a book or to use in an exhibition, please contact the curator Petra Robben.

  • We work with volunteers on a limited scale. They sort and order collection parts, or pack objects. They also support educational activities. We regularly supervise interns. If there is a vacancy for paid work, we will report this on our site and on the Werken bij Mommerskwartier site.